Bill Gates' Retirement To Do List

Today is the last day at Microsoft as a fulltime employee for William Henry Gates III, but instead of yet another post about his legacy or what he has contributed to computing – we decided to put together a todo list for Bill now that he is retired. So, now that Bill Gates is retired, he can finally catch up on or do the following:

10. Finish writing “QBASIC For Dummies”
9. Switch to Gmail
8. Cure Malaria, AIDS and Hangovers
7. Migrate from Twitter to Friendfeed with everybody else
6. Actually go out and buy the 54 countries from the bottom of the world GDP ranking list (or the bottom 45% of households in the US instead?)
5. Wear a black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers and feel comfortable about it
4. Clear Hillary Clinton’s debt
3. Reply to Michael Arrington’s “request for comment” emails
2. Downgrade to XP
1. Go on “Dancing With The Stars”

If you have anything else to add, we will definitely pass it on.