Verizon halves EVDO overage charges, shows that the wireless data cartel cares about consumers

VZW_Overage_Charges_June08 is reporting that Verizon has halved its per-megabyte overage fees for EVDO data and will set a cap of $250 per month in maximum fees for any three of a customer’s billing cycles. After that, subscribers will be subject to unlimited, non-capped overage charges. So if you go over your 5GB limit by one extra gigabyte, it could cost you $256. However, Verizon’s been nice enough to offer those poor saps who blast through all three of their capped-at-$250 months a 10GB per month plan for $199. Come on. Might as well just sign up for three separate 5GB per month plans as long as you’re getting yanked around. This new policy took effect on June 22nd.

Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all offer the same laptop data plans for the same prices with the same 5GB limit. All it would take would be for one of these major providers to (once again) offer truly unlimited high-speed data and hordes of customers would switch. Funny how all three are towing the same 5GB-per-month line now, huh? Not one of them even dares to offer, say, 6GB per month or, God forbid, 10GB per month for the same price as the other two. I smell collusion. There, I said it.

Alltel comes closest to bucking the trend with its truly unlimited high-speed data plan at $60 per month, but guess who just got purchased by Verizon?