TinyPaste: Like TinyURL…for Text

Some technologies take things down a notch. For instance TinyPaste, a service obviously built with Twitter in mind that lets you link to ramblings in excess of the regular 140 character limit.

Just like TinyURL and other URL shortening services, TinyPaste produces a short address that you can enter into microblogging and IM services with caps on message lengths. But instead of directing users to a regular webpage, a TinyPaste’s URL sends its clickers to a simple page displaying the poster’s message.

Who would use this? Perhaps those who don’t maintain blogs but who still want to expound on their thoughts from time to time. It’s common practice for bloggers to adopt Twitter as a marketing tool that drives traffic back to their sites. This could start a reverse trend of sorts, one that introduces tweeters to the art of blogging. Or maybe I’m just extracting too much.

In any case, TinyPaste also comes with a Firefox extension for when you want to pass along a clip of text you found on the web. The service and plugin come from the same guys who brought you ControlC.