Let Instinctiv Choose The Next Song You Listen To

New startup Instinctiv launches today and simultaneously announces a first round of angel financing. The company’s product, Instinctiv Shuffle, is an iPhone application (jailbroken iPhones only, for now), that watches your listening habits to make a smart guess about which song you’ll want to listen to next. It claims to guess your mood and know exactly what you’ll want to listen to.

The company, which was founded by Justin Smithline and Peter Brodsky, has raised $750,000 from Cayuga Venture Fund, Rosetech Ventures and a group of angel investors.

This isn’t the first music-addon service for the iPhone that’s received funding. Israeli startup TuneWiki, which let’s users download song lyrics to their iPhone, was funded by Benchmark Capital earlier this year as well. Both applications should prove to be very popular once the iPhone App Store launches next month.