RightScale Reaches Out Into MySQL Database Management

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Cloud computing management system provider RightScale has today announced at the Structure 08 conference that they have released a new utility to allow customers to deploy and manage MySQL instances on the Amazon Web Services platform. Using the new MySQL tools, customers can automate the configuration and deployment process, and manage multiple MySQL instances.

RightScale allows users to scale out their MySQL database requirements and instances, with advanced monitoring and logging. RightScale will provide access to the MySQL manager feature in all accounts except the developer accounts. Pricing for RightScale starts at $500 per month, after an initial fee of $2,500. With RightScale users are able to deploy and administer large numbers of Amazon EC2 deployments, with website management, logging and more features.

  • Mark

    I hate to be the troll here, but how is this news? RightScale has had the exact functionality you’ve described for quite some time now. If there are *new* features in this release, I think the readership here would be happy to know. But otherwise, it seems like a recap of existing/old news of a few months back.

    Perhaps you guys need a *true* muffler-writer on here. :-)

  • http://www.techcrunchit.com/ Nik Cubrilovic

    Hey Mark – thats funny because they relayed to us that the MySQL-specific stuff was news. I will def follow up on that..

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