Twitter Announces Their Funding, Calls Itself A Communication Utility

Twitter has officially announced their third round of funding that we wrote about last month – new investors Spark Capital and Bezos Expeditions come on board. Spark partner Bijan Sabet has joined the Twitter board of directors.

In the post, Twitter cofounder Biz Stone also talks about their aspirations to become a communications utility, and not to worry about the business model too much until their infrastructure is stable.

I agree that Twitter is on track to become an indispensable service. In April I said “Twitter is becoming an Internet utility,” and meant it. Twitter is still a relatively small service, but users are averaging at least 15 twitter messages per day, meaning they are highly engaged. If they can get the platform stable, I believe they will eventually become as ubiquitous as email, instant messaging, sms and other forms of communication.