Faceparty tells critics to F*** Off, suspends entire site

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Owners of the somewhat idiosyncratic FaceParty, one of the UK’s oldest social networks, appear to have had an altercation – with almost their entire user-base. On Tuesday night the normal home page was replaced with a diatribe against users who had complained about a fancy dress competition the site was holding. The site was cut off for several hours, blocking all users from logging in.

In a message entitled “Fuck the haterz”, the owners said “Sowwy [sic.] dudes but some of you have pissed us off so much today that we’ve shut the whole site down and fucked off to the Zoo.” (London Zoo to be specific).

In the history of social networks and Web 2.0 startups, I have to say this is the first such incident I have come across. It’s either an elaborate marketing ploy (in fact, it is almost certainly this) or a genuine, heartfelt hatred of large sections of the user-base. It’s an interesting strategy, but according to the site’s description on Wikipedia, not the first time it’s had a run in with its users. However, the owners did apologise to “tha people who appreciate that we give our lives to make this good for you” – and invited them to come to the zoo as well.

As of now (just after midnight, Wednesday morning) the site had been restored. Perhaps we’ll find out what happened tomorrow…. Meantime, here is the statement the site was carrying until an hour or so ago.

  • http://livz.org Steven Livingstone

    > “an elaborate marketing ploy”

    … and it worked.

    The latest headline when i visited? – “My dad is a cunt”

    It’s a way of using what is likely a minority to create a cult following – i’d just love to see one at microsoft.com !

  • http://www.soapyco.com Andy

    Quite hilarious.

    Ingenious if it is a marketing ploy, sadly I doubt that given FP’s track record.

  • http://davidlanger.co.uk David Langer

    maybe they read Purple Cow and got the wrong end of the stick

  • http://uk.techcrunch.com Mike Butcher

    @David Langer – ROFL!

  • http://www.circusstreet.com Philip Buxton

    Oh Michael – a marketing ploy? Sounds utterly genuine to me and fair play to them. It’s all very old new media.

  • Yura

    Hey, maybe all they wanted was a day off in the Zoo :)

  • http://www.randommmel.com Mel Kirk

    Although maybe not all that professional, it’s good to realise that at the end of the day, there are faces behind these sites!! Good on them :)

  • http://blog.spinvox.com/ James Whatley


  • Scott Hodgkiss

    Marketing ploy?????

    Load of f’in middle class Hoxton Shoreditch dicks who live in the world of ‘im fuckin cool and drink in The Dragon Bar’.

    So what do you do when you have a few quid and work in shoreditch????? Find a Hoxton Banksy wanna be graphic designer to do a revamp, close the doors and create a ‘born in Hampshire in a 10 bedroom house but pretent I am from the East end and dress like a tramp network, then cunt the rest of us off!!!! Yet another attempt in their lives to rebelling against Daddy one thinks!

    Good luck.

  • http://uk.techcrunch.com Mike Butcher

    FYI for those of you unfamiliar with the genius that is ‘Nathan Barley’ – a fictional character who is a “Hoxton Banksy wanna be” created a few years ago – here are a few links:


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  • http://peeebeee.wordpress.com Peter Bowyer

    Didn’t Dave Bamforth show up on the Sunday Times rich list? Yep, 969=. Flamboyant he may be, but he’s not one to do something like this without planning the PR impact it will have.

  • http://UGAME.net Sam Mathews

    Thats phenomenal! haha crazy website.. to think I used to be a member way back in the day. Maybe i was one of the 7 million they deleted? Peter where is this rich list you speak of!

  • http://www.localdatacompany.com Scott

    LOFL @ Scott

  • http://jenslapinski.wordpress.com Jens

    I cannot believe you brought Nathan Barley into the discussion :)

  • http://www.ki-work.com jim

    pure genius or pure madness.

    either way, pretty fkn funny

  • Scott Hodgkiss

    Nathan who?????

    I must have been to busy living my own life the last 10 years not to know him! How silly of me. Never mind.

  • http://www.techdigest.tv Katherine Hannaford

    Considering I’d actually forgotten Faceparty ever existed, I’d say this PR stunt was overwhelmingly successful. I’ve seen this story written up on countless sites now, so they’ve certainly got some publicity over telling their userbase off like that.

    Somehow my spidey sense is telling me this stunt will prove more successful than MySpace’s redesign ;)

  • http://www.nickhalstead.com nick halstead

    Amazing, although going to the Zoo? I could think of many things to do better to let of steam.

    sent from: fav.or.it [FID288720]

  • http://thayer18.livejournal.com Thayer Driver

    Superb, whatever their reasoning.

    The amount of times I’ve wanted to do something like that when running a web service… I would love to have felt the satisfaction they did when they put that up and then closed the door behind them. Rock on.

    However, in my grown up and professional state (ahem, yes really I have one!) I wouldn’t have wanted to be them as the drunken “We did it! WOO HOO” turned into a hungover, “So how do we clear this mess up?”.

    Still, thanks to Faceparty for living one of my daydreams.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_hb babul

    Not a marketing ploy.

    My firm used to represent the guys behind faceparty. They are really like that in person and would certainly shut the site to spite the users.

    good to see it has had a positive effect though!

  • Blowski

    Totally agree with Babul – my ‘business’ experience with them in the past makes me think they have no idea what marketing actually is. Good luck to them.

  • http://www.newscred.com shafqat

    Great stuff… every web 2.0 service starts to eventually look, feel and act the same. kudos to them for putting some character and life back into what could be just another social network.

    I hope they partied hard at the zoo.

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  • http://tipped.co.uk/ Charles Olive

    hahaha awesome – yeah from what I hear about those guys I think this is for real – although do they really need to speak all LOL like that – I mean maybe they have a youthful audience but seriously – talking all kewl like that is surely gonna get old soon.

    Well Weapon

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