Exactly 2,676 people were offended by animated sex in GTA: San Andreas


The NYT piece goes into great detail with quotes from random lawyers across the country and mostly just filler, but what you need to know is that only 2,676 angry citizens out of the eight plus million that purchased the game filed a complaint headed up by Seth R. Lesser and a few other lawyers. Lesser and his pack of wolves are seeking $1.3 million in compensation for their time and efforts while T2 lawyers have said they need only spend $30,000 or less to clean up the mess. That total for T2 is to basically reissue copies of San Andreas without the smut, which already happened. It was originally rated “Mature”, but later went to “Adults Only” when retailers said they would stop carrying the game.

I see Lesser’s point in that little kids shouldn’t be playing games like this with violence and smut and whatever else, but, let’s be honest here, this guy just wanted to see a big payout and it just isn’t there. The numbers speak for themselves, right? Less than one percent responded. That’s all you really need to know. The rest is just lawyer jargon, but feel free.