EFiX dongle allows for easy installation of OS X on your Intel PC

At least, so they say. Of course, I was skeptical of Psystar and their thing worked like a charm.

The EFiX site is dying right now from traffic, but today was the planned release for the EFiX USB dongle, which supposedly allows you to install OS X on your Intel-based PC with no muss, no fuss, and no BIOS flashing. You just plug the thing in and go like hell. The site’s been updated somewhat but I get the feeling their servers are half-melted at this point and it’s difficult to tell what else has been added other than a few features under the expanded view for the dongle.

There’s more details and video of an alleged install using the EFiX if you click below. [via Gizmodo]

From the site:

We are proud to present EFiX our wonderful work of art and function to the world.
EFiX is the best solution for running Mac OS X on PCs.
It allows the user to install Mac OS X straight from the original DVD without having to worry about patches, replacing files and anything like that.

That means you can buy a regular compatible PC, Mac OS X and EFiX and enjoy what the Mac users have always enjoyed:

# Ability to install Mac OS X Leopard and Leopard Server from original retail DVD.

# Average users can easily install Mac OSX without fear of needing professional knowledge.

# Update your system with official Apple Updates.

On top of the benefits seen by Mac users from the start, EFiX also brings some other advantages for users of standard PCs, such as:

# Online updates of EFiX firmware.

# EMI & RFI protection.

# An Interactive system boot selector.

# Working power management Features such as Shutdown, Reset, etc.