What does Metal Gear Solid 4 tell us about ourselves?


The world is spinning out of control, but the New York Times still finds time to analyze what Metal Gear Solid 4 means to the medium of video games and to humanity as a whole. Super.

An article there today goes around asking some of the guys from Kotaku and 1UP what they think of the game’s heavy story. Is the game too preachy? What does it say about America’s position in the world? How does Blacwater tie into all of this? Is the game as effective in telling its wacky story as novels? And so on.

More interesting is when the game is compared to Halo 3, which is popular because “you shoot people.”

I forget: does Halo even have a storyline? Something about two sets of aliens fighting? And U.S. Marines are involved for some reason?

Image from Flickr