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I have been attempting, usually in vain, to post the many relevant events for readers to keep track of. This is obviously a tricky task, given that there are an increasing number of these. However, I have managed to re-gain control of the old TechCrunch UK group on Upcoming. Now, event organisers who post their events to Upcoming will be able to add the group “TechCrunch UK & European Startup Events” to the event and it will appear under that group as well. Obviously I dare say one or two people will try to game this system, but as this is the kind of listing this industry needs if it is ever going to develop I’m happy to let the “crowd” decide what’s relevant or not (until such point I have to start weeding out the crap of course – I retain the ability to delete events, so trolls and spammers be warned). The feed won’t be published on TechCrunch Europe because we reserve the right to push events where TechCrunch is a specific media partner, or the event is really, really relevant to readers.

It’s worth pointing out that the fact that an event appears in this Upcoming group is not a sign of TechCrunch’s official backing – it’s just a sign someone wanted to promote it to the kind of audience TechCrunch has – developers, startups, entrepreneurs and venture financiers. The Upcoming feed is just a simple service for you. You can decide for yourself whether the events posted there (by just about anyone) are relevant or not. I have added the tagline “& European Startup Events” because although there are other European groups for things like “new media” or “social media”, none focus on startup businesses, which is our goal here at TechCrunch. And I think it will be helpful for all to see the kind of things going on across Western, Central and Eastern Europe as a whole.

I hope that people will use the group in the spirit in which it was created – to advance the development of startups across Europe.

So the relevant info again is:

TechCrunch UK & European Startup Events (on Upcoming)

RSS Feed

iCal feed

Google Calendar

Now, there other plenty of other sites where you can get good event information (although to be frank you will generally find they err towards events around training courses or online marketing, rather than business events for startups). That said, currently the most comprehensive is that offered by Chinwag, but there is also the listings from NMK and Bima. There are back-channel discussions about trying to produce a more comprehensive listing for the UK where competing events can be listed, but I gather those are ongoing.

Meanwhile, there are six upcoming events over the next week or so which are of particular interest to TechCrunch readers:

25 June
The TechCrunch BBC Debate, London
This event is, alas, already full but you can read all about it here.

June 26th
Techcrunch / TechLudd Mashup, Dublin
A TechCrunch meetup held in conjunction with TechLudd (the Irish startup networking event). Register here.

27 June
SocialMedia Business School: How To Build Your Business
(Tickets) You can get a 20% discount if you use the code “londev”.
Location: The LEWIS Media Centere, Millbank, London
This is an interesting event where application developers will be taught how to turn their social app into a real business, not just a project. Nick Gonzales – former TechCrunch writer – is a keynote speaker. Here’s the blurb: “The purpose of the SocialMedia Business School session is to bring together industry experts to help guide you in building out your applications’ revenue model and preparing your business plan for financing and general planning. SocialMedia Networks, the social advertising network will bring together advertisers, leading developers and analytics gurus to help you build your business. You will learn about the resources available to you to make the most money from your applications, and using supporting materials provided by SocialMedia you’ll apply what you learn into an actual business plan that turns your apps into a sustainable business.”

June 28th
TechCrunch Istanbul Meetup
TechCrunch and Webrazzi, Turkey’s leading Web 2.0 blog, are co-organising a Meetup, featuring demos from Turkey’s best and brightest startups.

July 1st
TechCrunch Athens Meetup
Athens TechCrunch meetups co-organised Open Coffee Greece.

July 4th
Mobile 2.0 Europe / TechCrunch Evening Party
TechCrunch Europe is supporting the after-party for Europe’s hottest Mobile 2.0 startups. Check out the startups selected.

  • Nicole Simon

    Last time I checked, UK still was part of Europe. :) Seriously, the constant insisting on that it is “UK and Europe” is not helping to make people feel that you do see it as an equal partner. It is insisting that Europe is ‘the rest’ – which it is clearly not. Or it is insisting that people from the UK are not able to cope with the fact when they are called European, which is equally disturbing.

    I like the startup focus with yours and will try to crosspost events I see with startup focus from the other groups, I’d be happy if people use the other groups as well it only helps the spreading of the news of such events.

    One of the ones you where mentioning surely is this one
    which I moderate to only allow events happing in mostly english (= appealing to the european crowd) and with social media / startup / barcamp etc focus which is separated from the meetups groups for the pure fact that people want to see just conference like events in one group.

    A note for event organizers: This is not a beauty competition. Different people use different groups and if you like to be noticed, do spread them whereever they are appropriate, but do spread them!

  • Mike Butcher

    Nicole, I respect your work and opinion greatly, but let me explain.

    Currently, there is no entity called “TechCrunch Europe”. There might one day be, but for now, the economic realities of online publishing (all publishing in fact) means that advertising budgets remain regionally controlled. This is why Pan-European titles often fail. You will know that from your experience as a German contributor to the ill-fated BlogNation, which tried to flush out pan-European, english-speaking advertising budgets and found there weren’t any.

    However, as you wll know I have been writing about startups in many European countries both on TCUK and on, where appropriate. I see my role here as both editing a UK/Irish focused site as well as contributing as a European-focused correspondent to

    Now, if it turns out that loads of comments come on here and I get lots of email saying people want a pan-European events listing associated with TechCrunch, then I’ll happily consider changing the Upcoming Group. As I inferred above, this is something of an experiment. I can always change the title.

    Please note: It is not the case that “people from the UK are not able to cope with the fact when they are called European.” But this web site remains focused largely on UK, and Ireland as a close-by English-speaking market.

    You also run your own pan-European new media groups on Upcoming, so I’m sure the market is pretty well-served by your own enthusiasm. And well done, btw.

  • Mat Atkinson

    Mike. Thanks for getting this together. It’s a great resource.

  • Paul

    ‘Seriously, the constant insisting on that it is “UK and Europe” is not helping to make people feel that you do see it as an equal partner.’

    That’s generally how the media refers to Europe though – I see it all the time on the BBC site, the Guardian, The Times and plenty of other publications. The UK is seen or referred to as being separate from Europe – particularly by publications with a UK audience. I don’t think people in this country really feel European – probably because we’re separated from the rest of Europe by a great big piece of water.

  • shafqat

    Mike – I’ve found your coverage to be very fair and open towards European startups. Frankly, terminology doesn’t worry me at at all – I’d like to see TCUK continue as it has been: focusing primarily on UK and Irish startups, BUT giving fair stage time to Pan-European startups whenever you find something interesting. I think the group should be the same.

    Given how inter-connected the startup world is now, it would seem strange to not take a networked view and limit it to only UK. That’s a bit 1999 to me.

  • Bill Roberts

    I reckon you should continue to cover events all over Europe. I’m based in Scotland and it’s just as easy and cheap for me to go to an event in say Amsterdam or Frankfurt as it is to go to one in London. (And indeed I’m planning to come along to the Techcrunch meetup in Amsterdam in July).

    As well as that, it gives a broader group of people for cross-fertilisation of ideas.

  • Scott

    I may be in the minority but, this is TechCrunch “UK” – I go to other sites if I want European news

  • john conroy

    My initial instinct is to say make TCUK European. But… I haven’t put a huge amount of thought into it or anything.
    you guys provide gr8 coverage in any case ;)

  • Mike Butcher

    Thanks for the feedback people. I think we’ll keep the Upcoming group as it is. I expect UK/Irish events to feature, but “Continental European” ones to get thrown in now and again.

  • Linda Margaret

    I like the distinction. Coverage in English does engage a European audience but does not necessarily reflect their regional concerns. I think that is why the distinction is made between “UK/Irish and pan-European” in the media, and I think it’s fair.

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  • Amul Raj Desai

    Mike may I commend your site first of all ,secondly as the Editor; it is entirely your right and perogative to edit and publish content how you deem fit .Personally your editorial style and content is what makes this a very popular site.WELL DONE!
    Amul Raj Desai
    International Business Development Manager

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  • A little reminder about the TechCrunch Europe events listings 

    […] you know we have a crowdsourced start-up events listings page? Well, we do. It lives over here, but needs a little love at the […]

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