Meet the A.M.P., Sega-Hasbro's two-wheeled music robot

Sega Toys and Hasbro collaborated in the development of A.M.P. (Automated Music Personality), a so-called mobile robotic music companion (official homepage in English).

Sega Toys is currently demonstrating A.M.P. to visitors of the Tokyo Toy Show. The company accepts pre-orders [JP] in this country starting August 1st. The robot will be available both in Japan and the USA from October for a retail price of $500.

The two-wheeled, obviously Segway-inspired robot comes with the following features:

– 12W stereo speakers
– 2 tweeters and a 5-inch mid-range speaker
– frequency response of 17Hz-20,000Hz
– audio input jack
– 4 control motors, 14 touch sensors and 2 obstacle-detection sensors
– 49 LED lights
– 62 sound effects
– remote control

Owners can control A.M.P. by choosing one of 5 different modes:

– Dance mode (A.M.P. moves to the music via its “internal beat detection software”)
– Drive mode (movements can be remote-controlled, i. e. you can move the robot’s head a full 120 degrees)
– Track mode (to keep A.M.P.’s speakers in your direction at all times)
– Park mode
– Follow mode (holding the remote control in your hand, A.M.P. will follow you anywhere using his infrared sensors until you pat his head)

Owners can plug their portable MP3 players into AMP’s back. The robot is powered by 6 D batteries and 3 AAA batteries, enough for approximately ten hours of operation.

All this for $500, which is not bad considering Sony’s “ambulatory Aibo turd” Rolly costs $380 in Japan.