Informed Prediction: iPhone Jailbreaking apps will go the way of Dodo

Herr Gruber reported a bit from WWDC and found that a) lots of people went to learn how to program for Macs and iPhones and b) none of those people are specifically interested in jailbroken iPhones. Now that there is money or market share to be made thanks to Apple’s little reversal re: web apps, the money is starting to flow.

Will the iPhone 3G be jailbroken? I’m almost certain it will be, but why? Now that the iPhone cannot leave the shop without activation (I’m in fact kind of sad right now that I gave away my old one), what’s the point of hacking? While a little money and a bottle of fine brandy might get your local AT&T stooge to cough one up at a considerable mark-up, we’re stuck, friends.