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Last night Sky News asked me to comment on the Associated Press move to stop sites quoting AP articles (BTW TechCrunch has now banned linking to AP stories. Payback sucks):

More from Mike A. on this.

  • alfie

    ‘nod’ *tick* ‘nod again’ *tick* ‘banana’ *tick*

    “who’s copying who here?” oooOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOH!

    “some blogs may go and some may stay…” Was that a threat, sirrah?

  • Jonathan

    Great piece Mike. My favourite quote on this from TC readers so far – – Alternate headline: “Dinosaur takes angry swipe at meteor”.

  • Mike Butcher

    Well, the main idea was to get the word banana in. Had a lot of requests on that from Twitter. It’s an important issue, right? Bananas?

  • James Whatley

    Good points, well made.

    Nicely done Sir.

  • Justin Davies

    Very nicely done mate. All hail Mike, our spokesperson to the real world!

  • Jake Stride

    Awesome! Well done Mike.

  • Mike Butcher

    @Justin Davies – Sorry? There’s a “real world”? What is this thing of which you speak?

  • Mat Atkinson


    So are “illegitimate bloggers” just b***ards who don’t link to their sources: :-)

    Anyway, I’m sure that this is all just AP linkbait?

    Excellent interview.

  • Yinka

    Nice one there Mike! well done

  • Vero Pepperrell

    Well said, Mike! Clearly the old media is starting to shake in its trousers, fearing that blogging, what was once a wee little trend they dismissed, is turning into a fair sized competitor. And hey ho, one with more ethics (generally) than old media.

    You got “banana” in this time, next time “milkshake”?

  • Mike Butcher

    @Vero – Gotcha – Mikshake it is. “Google’s takeover of Microsoft is like a huge mixed fruit Milkshake.” Works for me.

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  • Andrew J Scott

    Go Mike – Voice of the digirati!

  • Marcus Greenwood

    Nice one Mike. Spot on!

  • Murky

    “Payback sucks?” Really? I love TechCrunch…but you’re talking about a global media organisation, mate. Specifically the one who sends reporters into places like Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan in the form of APTN cameramen.

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  • Anton Mannering

    Ooooo don’t you look good on the telly. :)

    Seriously though AP=mental. Doubt there bothered about link backs because it appears they don’t think that it’s important. Oh well.

  • Mike Butcher

    @Murky – Precisely why AP arguing over 39 words being quoted on a social news site (Drudge Retort) does such a huge disservice to those excellent journos who put their lives on the line to get a story they want to world to hear about, discuss and link to. And we are not going to do that if the AP wants forms in triplicate to discuss its work.

  • Ray

    Mike, Someone on Techcrunch US suggested you were like a British version of Chandler Bing. I have to say the resemblance is uncanny, both in look, demeanour and wit. Made me laugh I have to say, just thought I’d share it with you in case you missed it.

  • Murky

    @Mike Butcher,

    I’m not sure if AP is clear on this issue themselves…perhaps they’re a little too bureaucratic for their own good. But I found this today which looks on surface to counter their stance:

    I just went to an AP story atop which there was a link entitled “Post.”

    When I clicked it, I got this:

    “Post this article on your website, blog, social networking page, or intranet for a limited time, free of charge, with ads.”

    What am I missing? Is the “limited time” (which I think is 30 days) the issue?

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