OrganizedWisdom, the "Mahalo For Health", Raises $2.3 Million

OrganizedWisdom, a human-powered search engine that focuses exclusively on health, has raised $2.3 million in a Series A round led by ETF Venture Fund, Esther Dyson, and a number of other investors.

OrganizedWisdom has compiled a database of over 10,000 “wisdom cards” that list the most relevant and useful information related to health searches. Links are separated into groups according to the topic they pertain to (Symptoms, Causes, etc.). Each Wisdom Card is created by the company’s team of doctor-guided health and patient advocates, who scour the web in an attempt to pick out the best content. (You can see an example card here.)

The model is very similar to Mahalo, which also provides a human-powered search engine but also covers a much broader range of topics. Because OrganizedWisdom focuses exclusively on health, the company says it has been able to create ten times as many health-related topics as Mahalo. The company plans to use the money to help expand its library of Wisdom Cards and its RequestWisdom program, which allows users to request information on diseases that haven’t been covered yet.

OrganizedWisdom is a member of the very-crowded health advice space, and sees competition from the likes of WebMD and Healthline.