Yahoo: Flashback To The Good Days

Today is Jerry Yang’s first anniversary as CEO of the company he founded. There will be lots of bad news coming out about the company in the coming weeks as more executives depart, Yahoo releases quarterly earnings and Google and Microsoft continue to play tug-of-war with the company’s remaining assets.

So as a brief interlude, we bring you this short film, produced back in 2000 for internal Yahoo use only. It’s an 11 minute spoof on the late Steve Irwin’s show The Crocodile Hunter. Holt Lyda plays the lead role – he was at Yahoo until 2003. The script was written by Cynthia Maller, who left the company in 2006.

The movie is funny and shows an innocence that’s long gone at Yahoo. They even get fairly aggressive at the end with a suggestion that the AOL creature is going extinct.