TechCrunch hits Dublin, 26th June

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TechCrunch is hitting Dublin to create a real-world mashup with Irish tech networking event TechLudd. So I present to you “CrunchLudd, the TechCrunch / TechLudd Meetup”. Come along and meet new people, and make new contacts and have some fun too. It’s a great opportunity to pitch your startup.

When & Where:

26th June, from 7:30PM at 4 Dame Lane, Dublin


This event is absolutely free so please but you must register on the Amiando page. There’ll be an “OpenDemo” for those who want feedback on the stuff they’re working on right now, and only 8 spaces but if a lot of people are interested we might expand it. Please register to demo, slots are allocated on a first come first served basis.


Sponsors get to support a great event but also will get promotion with links and logos via a posts on TechCrunch and TechLudd. We’re looking for sponsors right now so please drop our co-organiser a line, anton [at] techludd [dot] com. for details.

  • Greg Watkins

    What a day this will be, if you at a loss to do something prior to this event, visit Silicon Ireland during the day. We have guest speakers, 4 startup pitches and much more…… If not see you at the CruchLudd event

  • Bored Stupid

    Is it me, or is Techcrunch UK one of the most boring tech blogs on the planet?

  • Mike Butcher

    Greg – send me details, sounds great.

    Bored – Yeah, we’re so boring you just had to comment.

  • Greg Watkins

    Mike, we would love it if you would come.

    We have the guys from ‘’ coming and we have a ‘ pitch booth’ for pitching direct to Silicon Valley. We are running this event like a ‘bootstrap enterprise’ so please bear with us on the site. We are going for content.

    There will be four startups pitching to win 2000 Euro in Seed investment. Its a day event, but it will all be done by 16-30. So plenty of time for us all to get your event.

    We read Techcrunch UK like the ‘bible’ and it would be great to have you there.

    email me at gregwatkins(at) and further details of the event are at:

    Finally, we can organise free tickets for readers if you are interested.

    Thanks again

  • John

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