Google Maps Gets Political

The Google Maps team has set up a showcase for some of its favorite mashups from the 2008 US presidential election.

Four of the mashups – Primary Results, Twitter, Search Queries, and Campaign Trail – were made by Google itself. The Primary Result mashup shows how states and districts across the country voted in the primaries. The Twitter mashup highlights political tweets as they pop up around the globe. Search Queries shows how geographical regions differ in how often they search for candidates’ names. And the Campaign Trail map follows the candidates around as they shake hands and kiss babies.

MIBAZAAR has contributed two of its own maps: one for tracking Obama’s life path (embedded above) and one for tracking McCain’s. Another mashup has been added from The Huffington Post that sheds light on campaign donations: who’s giving them, to whom, how much, and where.

It’s no secret that we’re all for tracking the candidates and where they stand on tech issues. Who will be the first to create a maps mashup furthering this cause?