Come See Angelina Jolie In An Exclusive Preview Of Some Movie She's In

Wanted Exclusive Trailer HD

MySpace and TechCrunch are hosting a special pre-screening of the new Angelina Jolie film “Wanted” on Monday, June 23 in San Francisco, four days before the official June 27, 2008 release. The theatrical release of “Wanted” is promoted as part of the MySpace Black Curtain Screening program.

MySpace is providing the TechCrunch community with the theater and screening (huge thanks, guys), which will be held at The AMC Metreon in San Francisco. We have 200 FREE tickets to release for this screening. Reserve a ticket to attend, and the movie starts at 7:30 p.m. (you can arrive as early as 6:30). If you reserve a ticket, you really do need to attend. Ticket holders who do not show up will be subject to restrictions for future TechCrunch events.

If you’d like to come, you can reserve a ticket at EventBrite. We will check your name against a list of registered attendees at the door. There’s no charge for the event, we just ask that you not reserve tickets if you don’t plan to attend (we’ll have a wait list once the tickets are sold out).

Why are MySpace and TechCrunch doing this? Just to say thank you to our readers and encourage warm fuzzy, advertisement-clicking feelings in you all. And the Iron Man screening we did was a blast. Besides, we think Angelina Jolie is kind of hot.


AMC Loews Metreon
Monday, June 23
101 4th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 369-6201
Get Tickets Here