Next2Friends launches against Qik, Flixwagon, with a twist

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Next2Friends, the mobile social media platform, today launches its ‘Live’ application designed to provide real-time streaming from mobile devices to the mobile and static web, and mashes it up with a proximity app.

The pivately-backed startup will take on a number of startups including Seesmic, Qik, Kyte, Loopt and even Twitter. But Next2Friends says it has more tools for controlling who you broadcast to, (public / private etc). Once videos are on the Next2Friends network, videos can be embedded into third party sites. Next2Friends Live has a 15-30 Frames per Second (FPS) speed and supports GPRS, 3G, 3.5G and Wi-Fi connectivity. They claim a 0.2 second delay under optimal conditions – however, some might say Qik has better quality video over mobile.

TechCrunch UK previously wrote about the Next2Friends Bluetooth application (a Java app) which allows you to match your profile against another Next2Friends user within range of your Bluetooth enabled phone. It’s part of a bunch of other apps they are working on.

Here’s an example of video:

  • Personal Projects

    “Its ‘Live’ application designed to provide real-time streaming from mobile devices to the mobile and static web, and mashes it up with a proximity app”.- It looks interesting.
    -Deepa (

  • GixerriderIK

    I have been a Next2Friends user from the outside and these guys have something very special. I doubt I would ever stop using FB and MYS, however been able to stream in realtime, build my network and use thier Snap Up and Ask a Friend apps from my mobile is brilliant.

    I suspect lots of other users will continue to have numerous SNs that they subscribe to, however amongst the new arrivals, I see Next2Friends have the most compelling range of real time mobile apps and the widest coverage of handset support.

  • Andrew M

    Real time video streaming and other real time interactions with the Internet are at the mercy of two major elements;

    The wireless network speeds and roll outs. GPRS is dying, 3G, 4G, WIFI and WIMAX are becoming the high speed networks that everyone wants and all the wireless providers are investing heavily in deploying.

    Handset manufacturers are delivering more sophisticated handsets which are equipped with the ability to interact with the Internet in real time.

    Blend the two elements above together and you have a fantastic environment for all of these guys to succeed. I do suspect, however that users will flock to the guys who have the widest range of features, functions and users. I see Next2Friends and maybe QIK emerging as those leaders as I believe the Twitter and Loopt model will die.

  • Ngage

    Well i check up on My myspace,Bebo,Facebook every day just to see what is happening online.But if i can use a SN on the go on my mobile to chat,blog,stream and all the other cool futures these new sites are showing us why do u i need these other SN

    i think its one of these situations the more people using Next2Friends means the more you will want to go on it.

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