MSI Wind delayed two weeks: Equipped with three-cell battery on the 27th, six-cell coming in July

U100_8 The MSI Wind has been delayed by a couple weeks. It was supposed to be available yesterday, and now MSI’s site pegs the shipping date at June 27th. I suppose that’s not the end of the world, but what’s pretty disappointing is that the Wind will now ship with only a three-cell battery instead of a six-cell battery thanks to supply shortages.

I’ve been playing around with the Wind for the past few days and I can tell you that a three-cell battery would certainly make the unit more svelte, but the six-cell battery easily blasted through 4+ hours of world-famous CrunchGear blogging from the couch yesterday while watching Tiger and Rocco duke it out for the US Open title.

It should be noted that the price of the Wind has dropped from $499 to $479 for the Windows XP version. You could always add the six-cell battery later, although I bet it’ll cost you a fat wad more than $20.

UPDATE: Just got this from MSI’s PR rep. The previously-equipped six-cell version will apparently be available in July for $499.99 – so if you can’t wait, you can pick up a three-cell version on June 27th for $479.99 or get the six-cell version next month.

“You are correct that MSI will ship a XP version of the Wind with a 3-cell battery on 6/27 for $479.99. However, they still plan to ship an XP version with a 6-cell battery for $499, but delayed that until July. The reason was the industry wide battery shortage, MSI felt they needed to get something in their customers’ hands now rather than wait a full month.”

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