High-end keyboard roundup! Get excited!

ZIP-ANG keyboard from GeekStuff4U in case you're wondering.
What is your hand on right now? No, other hand. That’s right, it’s sitting on the home row of a cheap, dirty keyboard. Probably the one that came with your computer. For shame. There is a world of keyboards out there — wireless, media-controlling, programmable, waterproof, there are keyboards that are all of these things and right now I’ve got a baker’s pair of ’em. That’s “three” to you non-bakers out there.

We’ll be taking a look at three this week: Today, the Razer Lycosa. Tomorrow, the Microsoft’s Wireless Desktop 7000. And Thursday, SteelSeries 7G. They’re not all aimed at the same market, and they’re all quite different, so join me on a wonderful journey to explore some of the awesome keyboards you could be typing on tomorrow.

Update: OMG! Late entry… a commenter mentioned the famous (and newly updated) Das Keyboard, which I will be including as well now. Now are you excited?!