Sidekick LX OTA rolling out June 25

I’ve been a fan of the Sidekick for years now and, like everyone else, I was disappointed when the latest devices (LX and Slide) from T-Mobile were sans video recording capability. It was basically a slap in the face if you ask me. Who releases four new devices in the span of a year without video recording on any of them? Hello! It’s 2008 not 1998.

In any case, Sidekick LX owners will finally get the much-needed feature via OTA beginning June 25. Of course, you can pick up the Tony Hawk edition, which comes with the latest firmware pre-installed. But video recording isn’t the only new feature. Sorry Slide owners, you’re SOL.

* Capture videos using the new video mode
* Playback from the SD card or email attachments using the media player
* Share videos via email, Picture messaging, and Bluetooth
* Listen to songs or videos using a stereo Bluetooth device
* Send and receive photos, videos, or music via Bluetooth
* 3 IM clients & enhancements to AIM® and Yahoo!® Messenger
* Create and join group chats
* See who is logged into IM from the address book or email and instantly start a conversation
* Set a custom status message then keep chatting
* Search for friends in a buddy list
* Got more buddies than you can keep track of? See who’s online right from the address book or email, and search for friends in your buddy lists
* Select how Web pages are displayed based on preference
* PC-like, full-size layout to pan & scan while reading o Standard Sidekick screen-size layout to simply scroll down the page to read · Mini Page to zoom out on an overview of an entire Web page
* Save images from Web pages to the SD card Personalize the way you want to surf
* Device does not restart after a download. Just install an item, and it’s ready to use
* Capture videos and share them directly from the Camera app
* Video integration for playback, send, and save to gallery
* QuickFind: search for keywords across applications to find messages or information
* Spell Checker