Sega introduces a planetarium for your bathroom

Sega Toys officially announced its newest update to the Homestar (home planetarium) series, the Homestar Spa planetarium [JP, PDF].

The water-resistant device, which is shaped like the planet Saturn, has 3 different modes for enhancing your bathing pleasure. The bath star mode will produce a simulation of a starry sky right in your bath room. Using the rose bath mode, the Homestar Spa is also capable of projecting flower patterns. When you put the device into your bath tub, the device gives you the illusion of bathing in a blue sea, including some fish swimming around (deep blue mode).

Sega will start selling the Japan-only Homestar Spa on September 4th for $70. Mainly targeting women between 20-40, the company hopes to sell 50,000 units in one year.