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TechCrunch and the BBC are holding an event to rationally debate and discuss the issues around the BBC’s assets and technology, prompted by the debates here and here . We are encouraging startups and developers to attend and engage with these issues. Please get a ticket here (the event is free).

Could or should the BBC develop an applications platform which third party developers and companies could leverage?

What are the policy issues and implications surrounding this?

What data does the BBC currently expose for third party companies to leverage?

Could it do more to open up its data and assets?

Or are these issues impossible to address given the nature of the BBC’s Charter?

In which case: should/could the BBC Charter be changed to address the new wave of development online?

Date: 25th June

Time: From 7.00pm

Location: Broadcasting House, London

(Refreshments will be served).


Tony Ageh, BBC New Media controller of internet

James Cridland, Head of Future Media & Technology for BBC Audio & Music Interactive

Jem Stone, Portfolio Executive, BBC new media

Azeem Azahar, startups angel investor, ex-BBC, proposer of the BBC Public License

Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch UK

Chair: Steve Bowbrick, entrepreneur, Blogger on BBC policy

  • Farhan Lalji

    Definitely an interesting discussion topic. Do we need to register or just show up? Thanks Mike.

  • Mike Butcher

    Please get a ticket here

  • Ben Metcalfe

    Ack, I go back home to San Francisco a few days before this… would have loved to have come.


  • James Cridland

    It should be a good debate, Mike – I hope people come with an open mind (and I use the word ‘open’ deliberately)

  • Jem Stone (BBC)

    Mike. Looking forward to it. @benmetcalfe sorry you can’t be there.

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  • Mike Butcher

    Ben, I daresay it will get recorded. Perhaps I’d better set up a Kyte streaming or something?

  • Tim Myles

    Mike, in your post it says 25th June from 7pm, but on Amiando it says Sunday 15th at 4.35pm! Which one’s right?


  • Mike Butcher

    Tim- It does? Bugger, I better go change it to June 25th. Darn tech…

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  • Ovid

    Disclaimer: I’m a senior software engineer for the BBC.

    Why is this being framed as a “debate” instead of a discussion? It’s sounds like you’re trying to frame this as an automatically confrontational issue.

    I also note on your “BBC fiddles while Britain burns” page ( that you write “I’m starting a list of links to the small number of people inside the BBC who “get it””.

    Well, with greater than 20,000 employees, there is only a “small number” of people who get it? How the heck would you know that? I certainly won’t debate your topic with you because I agree completely that we need to work on opening up our data (as a long-time open source programmer, I’m quite thrilled that the BBC is actually working on this). But I do find your deliberately provocative tone to be very rude.

  • Ovid

    Side note: I should have made it clear that the above comments are strictly my own opinion and don’t reflect those of my employer.

  • Vikram Shah

    Hi Mike

    I can stream on qik if you want. On Nokia n95.


  • jos

    Sold out!Unbelievable!!!
    Is there anyway I can come in??

  • Ian Forrester

    I am planning on recording the event and putting it back up as a Backstage podcast. But if possible, I’ll see if I can use Ustream or something like that too.

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  • Paul Walsh

    Who is the debate between? The panel and audience? I ask because I don’t see non-BBC people (aside from TechCrunch) on the panel. I’m not making assumptions ;)

  • Richard Percy

    I applied for a ticket the day this event first appeared on the TechCrunch UK blog – but have not heard or received anything yet! How can I get confirmation that I am on the list? ;-)

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  • Stelios

    sold out!!! grgrgr

  • Alaric

    I am in the same situation as Richard Percy.

    I know I’ve left it quite late to mention it–but who should I contact before undertaking a potentially wasted trip?

  • Mike Butcher

    Everyone who registered for a ticket on the site is down for a ticket. Clear?

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