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TechCrunch held a Berlin Meetup yesterday. And boy, was it a blast. Nearly 30 sponsors, 300 people, fantastic venue, great after-party. Oh, and I did actually do some work too, gathering stories from the German startup scene (watch this space) and taking a few videos which I’ll upload shortly.

In the meantime, check out the pictures I took, and a little video interview with me, shot by Toksta, a startup with an a IM solution for communities.

My thanks for co-organising the event go to twidox and our venue hosts Imedo.

  • paul fisher

    Mike. Wow. What a hat. On my visits to Berlin I have been pretty impressed with cutting-edge local fashion but never actually embraced it. You went the whole hog. Good work.

  • Nicholas MacGowan von Holstein

    Thank you everyone for coming yesterday, we had such a great evening. Also thank you to TechCrunch, Mike and the sponsors for making it possible.

  • Daniel Thomaser

    Was fun! Looking forward to the next meetup…

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  • Bjoern Behrendt

    What a night!!! You really wanna know what happened? Text your questions to +49 176 888 66 000 or register with ;-) It was good to meet you Mike. Looking forward to have another beer in London soon.

  • Tobias Kaufmann

    Yes, was a great event.
    Thanks to you guys.

  • Mike Butcher

    Thanks for coming everyone!

    Paul Fisher – FYI my hat was of a type traditionally favoured by journalists, as one can put a press card in the ribbon, on this occassion “TechCrunch”. I thought you’d know that ;-)

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  • Phil Chambers

    Fantastic red eye! Thanks for a great night all…

  • Philipp

    Thanks for organizing this event.

  • Archaon

    That was great !

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  • Jenny

    That was great, nice to meet all of you!

  • Anju Rupal

    Thanks guys, was a great evening.
    Huh! thought you were making a fashion statement with your hat :-)

  • Tapio Liller

    Great to hear everyone had a good time! Hope to be around next time! Mike, when making your stories about German startups, check out these guys: – Here’s a quick English summary of what it’s all about as an intro:

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