XM, EMI settle Pioneer Inno lawsuit: EMI didn't like the Inno's recording feature

Lonely planet

XM and EMI have finally settled a lawsuit over the Pioneer Inno. The Inno, if you don’t remember, is a portable XM radio that can record content onto its hard drive. Record companies had a problem with this, of course, for the same reason they complain about everything: it facilitated piracy, it denied them revenue, etc. Why buy a song, preferably in CD format, when you can simply record it from XM? So went the thinking.

The terms of the settlement have not been released. Boo.

I remember once I heard a particular remix of Madonna on XM (the Hitmixer’s remix of “Get Together”), recorded it to my XM portable (Samsung Helix, which is the same as the Pioneer Inno) and didn’t find it anywhere online for like a year. Yes, my life is that exciting.