New Scandal At MediaMax Gives Us Excuse To Embed A Video Clip From The Office

MediaMax, a perpetually controversial San Diego based startup, says we need a social network around paper products file sharing. More on that in a minute (as well as a relevant video clip from The Office), but first a note on a new scandal brewing.

In the past few weeks, we’ve received a number of complaints about MediaMax, the troubled file storage site that lost vast amounts of its users’ files last summer. It seems that the company has once again stepped between its users and their data, though this time it was intentional.

The site (which was formerly known as Streamload) has decided to relaunch as The Linkup, a social networking site based around storage (yes, you read that right). As part of the transition, MediaMax chose to disable access to all of their free accounts. Users were given two options: either pony up $6 a month to continue having access to your files, or download them before they deleted your account.

Unfortunately, it seems that many users never got the message. The company says that it notified its users through email, but given the number of people that unexpectedly lost access to their files, it seems that these warnings weren’t enough.

From one disgruntled user:

About notification: they say they did, but it must have gone into spam. I have saved spam for more than a month, but there is no mail from them. Also, all the previous mails like email notification and changes passwords always arrive in my inbox, why should their email go in spam? They are lying openly.

If you were on a free account, and you haven’t downloaded your files yet, you’re screwed. They’re gone.

Oh yeah, if you did decide to go with the Pro account, you’re also out of luck for the time being. The company is apparently having difficultly getting files transferred between MediaMax and The Linkup, and the files probably won’t be available until late June (The Linkup launched on May 10 – that’s nearly two months of downtime).

Those fearless users who aren’t too concerned with having access to their files should try out The Linkup, “The social network for file sharing.” Why do we need a social network around cloud storage and file sharing? The Office gives us the answer: “its all about creating a one stop consumer experience.”