Konami cancels all launch events for Metal Gear Solid 4 in Japan

Amid rising concerns about the safety of attendees, Konami Japan called off all three launch events [JP] planned for their highly anticipated new game Metal Gear Solid 4. The announcement was published on the company web site today. A spokesperson told Japanese newspapers Konami cannot fully guarantee safety for the large number of participants expected.

Konami Japan’s decision is obviously following a stabbing spree by a young Japanese otaku who killed 7 people in Tokyo’s so-called “”Electric Town” Akihabara past Sunday. One of the launch parties was supposed to take place in that very district.

In Japan, Metal Gear Solid 4 received a “D”-rating, which is comparable to the ESRB “M”-mark in the USA.

The game will go on sale in this country tomorrow. Launch events for the game in the USA and Europe are not affected by Konami Japan’s decision.