HP's cavalcade of laptops part 1

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There were a total of 17 laptops announced by HP and there’s no way I’d post about them individually. The biggest news were the EliteBook and Voodoo Envy, which I covered yesterday. Today, I bring you the “b”- and “s”-series. The “b”-series is more business oriented and comes with a slick silver finish and magnesium alloy chassis.

• HP Compaq 6530b and HP Compaq 6535b – These notebooks are designed for business professionals who commute, move around the office for meetings or travel occasionally. The 6530b and 6535b are highly mobile and offer the latest Intel and AMD processors to fit customer connection needs when using HP Mobile Broadband,(5) Wi-Fi certified WLAN(10) and Bluetooth® wireless technology. With a 14.1-inch diagonal display, a magnesium alloy support structure and a starting weight of 5.3 pounds (2.41 kilograms), these durable notebooks provide a solution for on-the-go schedules without compromising functionality, security or performance.

• HP Compaq 6730b and HP Compaq 6735b – Aimed at professionals who want a large 15.4-inch diagonal widescreen display, enhanced security and extensive connectivity with HP Mobile Broadband, the 6730b and 6735b feature the latest Intel and AMD processors with HP Universal Accessory compatibility. With a starting weight of only 5.9 pounds (2.69 kilograms), both devices are sturdy in form and composition.

The “s”-series looks a lot prettier and comes with a satin, reflective, black-on-black finish for a more sophisticated look. They also feature a robust suite of security features such as HP ProtectTools Security Manager. Drive Encryption which is apart of the ProtectTools package encodes your HDD’s info rendering it unreadable should it be stolen or lost. DriveGuard protects your HDD when it senses sudden movement thanks to the three-axis accelerometer.

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• HP Compaq 6530s and HP Compaq 6535s – The 6530s and 6535s offer small business customers flexibility with an entry-level, mainstream notebook for a dispersed workforce. These notebooks include Intel or AMD processors to offer a variety of options for mobility and longer battery life. Keeping connected through Wi-Fi certified WLAN(10) and integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, customers can choose between the 14.1-inch diagonal widescreen anti-glare WXGA display or an HP BrightView display that improves brightness, contrast and clarity.
• HP Compaq 6730s and HP Compaq 6735s – Also for the small business and mobile workforce, the 6730s and 6735s offer a 15.4-inch diagonal widescreen display and include a choice of Intel or AMD processors to meet high demands for performance and connectivity. Offering Wi-Fi certified WLAN(10) and integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, customers can send and receive emails or access the Internet – at work, at home or at their favorite hotspots.
• HP Compaq 6830s – This notebook offers a 17-inch diagonal widescreen display, the largest of the series. The 6830s also features extensive connectivity and additional graphic applications, including ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3410 with 128/256 MB of GDDR2 for video memory and 3D gaming, as well as ATI HyperMemory, expanding graphics memory with system memory to optimize performance. It includes the latest Intel Core™ 2 Duo processors.

All notebooks should be available next month and start out at $799.