Handy: modular 2.5" front port thing with USB ports, card readers, drive slot

Now here’s something I could use. My computer’s front looks good, but it only has the optical drive bay at the top and two ports at the bottom — why not make it pretty and functional? Brando USB has these handy front port modules available with swappable bits in case you decide you need a 2.5″ drive bay more than a multi-reader. Front port things have been around forever but it’s worth bringing up every once in a while, and this one’s pretty nice.

We’ve seen stuff like this hot-swappable SATA drive dock, but I think it’d be more useful to have it built in as a front port — unfortunately you have to provide your own 2.5″ drive and it doesn’t look like it’s that easy to switch out. That said, $70 is a pretty sweet deal for something like this.