Gaycities Tries To Make Reviews Less Anonymous

Gaycities, a review website for members of the LGBT community, has revamped its interface and introduced a number of new features that should help make their reviews more relevant.

Founder Scott Gatz says that the LGBT community is very diverse, and that many reviewers have dramatically different tastes. To help deal with the diversity, Gaycities is introducing improved user profiles that will help users identify other users that share similar tastes. When users find a reviewer that they like, they can choose to “Follow” that user, which will display their actions in an activity stream and help them discover new restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs.

The site is also introducing support for photos in reviews, which allows users to help better depict their favorite locales. Flickr images will be automatically imported as well.

Gaycities launched three years ago as Gatz’s hobby, and has since seen immense growth, especially in the last six months.