AT&T and Starbucks settle T-Mobile Lawsuit

Starbucks announced today that it has settled a lawsuit brought against it and AT&T by service provider T-Mobile. The suit claimed that Starbucks colluded with AT&T to offer Wi-Fi Internet access in its cafes even though the coffee chain had an exclusive agreement with T-Mobile that allowed T-Mobile to sell Wi-Fi in the cafes. The lawsuit alleged that AT&T and Starbucks were not abiding by an agreement the three companies reached over how Starbucks would compensate T-Mobile so Starbucks could form an exclusive partnership with AT&T to provide Wi-Fi access.

“T-Mobile, AT&T and Starbucks have entered into a memorandum of understanding to resolve their disputes and are committed to providing a high quality Wi-Fi experience for customers,” Starbucks spokeswoman Stacey Krum said in the statement.

The terms of the settlement haven’t been disclosed.

For more information about the agreement between Starbucks and AT&T, see MobileCrunch story: Starbucks to offer Wi-Fi with AT&T.