Yap Gets $6.5 Million To Give Your Thumbs A Rest

Yap, a company that translates voice into SMS text messages, has raised $6.5 million in a Series A funding round led by SunBridge Partners. Also participating in the round were Harbert Management Corportaion and Pittco Management.

The site, which was a member of TechCrunch40, makes texting easier by using voice recognition software to transcribe spoken messages to text. The service runs on a small application installed on the phone, which captures the spoken message and uploads to Yap’s servers, which (hopefully) returns the spoken phrase. Yap aims to help cut down on the number of people who “text and drive”, by reducing the amount of time they’ll need to fumble with their phone. Of course, you’ll still need to look at the phone to read a response to your text message, so this isn’t totally solving the problem.

As part of the deal SunBridge and Harbert Management Corporation will add partners to Yap’s Board of Directors.