Twitter Fails To Fail, Community Rejoices

When Twitter took drastic measures to try to survive a single day of heavy traffic (today’s Steve Jobs keynote at the WWDC), I said “…they may win the day. Expect silence on our end if they do, and a merciless blog post if they fail.” Some commenters thought that was unfair of me, though, and in a weak moment I subsequently promised to give Twitter a golf clap it they made it through the day without an outage.

Well, they made it, and I applaud them. To be fair, they did have some minor downtime (minor by Twitter standards) – 4% of requests failed. But it was close enough to call it win, and I hereby give them their due.

Twitter failed to fail, and I am a happy user today.

and I have to hand it to those guys – they are the only service I know of where users rejoice when they simply manage to keep their service live.