Microsoft says it doesn't fear iPhone 3G, won't release Zune phone

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Don’t laugh, but Microsoft says that, as far as 3G phones are concerned, it’s got the iPhone 3G (and BlackBerry) beat. I said don’t laugh, silly!

Yup, in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, the head of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division—the guy responsible for Windows Mobile and Zune—said that the iPhone 3G doesn’t scare Microsoft since so many WinMo phones ship with 3G already. You know, all those phones that have near zero cachet outside the immediate tech community. You can picture your non-tech friends talking about, and raving about the iPhone, but can you see them doing the same over some WinMo device? Thought not.

Says the gentleman:

We ship lots of 3G phones already on Windows Mobile and have for some time. So we continue driving the path we are driving with Windows Mobile and we are very excited about the approach we have taken this year. About 20 million devices will ship with Windows Mobile on it. We will outsell the iPhone. We will outsell the BlackBerry.

Additionally, don’t expect a “Zune phone” anytime soon. Crushing, yes.

Turning all this on its head, is anyone else disappointed with the iPhone 3G? Like, it’s the same damn phone, just a little faster and with GPS. You mean to tell me that Apple couldn’t have launched such a phone last year, that the relevant technologies have evolved so quickly in 12 months?