Twitter Partners With Summize to Cover Apple News

For those of you who just can’t wait to hear the latest Apple news this morning as it breaks (our live on the scene coverage begins at 8 am PST): Twitter is partnering with Summize to show all twitters that contain the words “wwdc,” “apple,” “iphone” or “steve jobs.”

Twitter is promoting this heavily on every Twitter page with “Apple fan? Our pals at Summize are tracking the WWDC.” I didn’t notice it myself (I use Twhirl and rarely visit the Twitter site), but others have.

It’s no surprise that Twitter is pushing this – they are actively trying to find ways to reduce the database load on their frail infrastructure during the event, and pushing users to a third party service will help. If Twitter goes down, though, there’s nothing Summize will be able to do to help.

Watch the news here.

I’ll say one thing for Twitter, They have community dedicated to keeing the service alive. Pushing page views and the constant refreshes to a third party is real service. Golf clap for Summize.