OurPlanet Has A World-Class Ego

OurPlanet, a new travel site that describes itself as “trip advisor, but so much better!!!”, is launching a promotional travel tour that promises a few lucky travelers the trip of a lifetime.

The site is looking for “30 lucky people that get to travel the world for one year” to rate products and services in the travel industry. Sounds great, right?

Maybe not. There’s no salary, and the site doesn’t pay for food, accommodations, or outside activities. OurPlanet says that most of these things should be covered by sponsors looking to get exposure on the site, “Because the Our Planet platform is so much better than anything that currently exists on the market.” Of course, the site won’t actually launch for 3-6 months, which makes such bold statements a little hard to judge.

OurPlanet will pay for all flights for their “Nomads”, so at least you won’t have to worry about airfare while you travel the globe. Just remember to bring some cash for those basic necessities like food and shelter. You know, in case this TripAdvisor-killer doesn’t quite pan out.

Global Nomads from ourplanet on Vimeo.