MyMission2 secures £150k angel funding

UK startup MyMission2, which works like a dating site to get people who want to do things matched up with people who want to help them do it, has secured £150,000 of angel funding. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. The money will be used to establish revenue streams and add features. Mymission2’s intellectual property is in the algorithms that prioritise people according to their ability to help with each specific mission. The site claims 27,000 customers since its launch in April. Former Jiglu CEO Nigel Cannings left to join MyMission2 earlier this year, joining David Ashford, CEO

When I first checked it out MyMission2 felt like a fantasists paradise and way too general, with the practical upshot of posting a “mission” turning the site into a bulletin board where people respond with comments like on a blog. No doubt the new funding will address this.