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After being exhorted to do so by a number of people, I’ve decided to start doing a regular podcast about the tech, startup and social media scene here in the UK and the rest of Europe. How regular it is we’ll have to see, but I’m hoping to make it weekly, starting next week. Admittedly I’m taking a little leaf here out of the Gillmor Gang’s playbook, but I think what we’ll do here, broadcasting usually out of London, will be a little different. The idea is to kick off with some regular guests. Among the first will be Steve Bowbrick, long-time UK entrepreneur and startup mentor, and Paul Carr, tech satirist and author. I’ll also bring in entrepreneurs, VCs and a few geeks.

I also want to bring in other voices from the startup scene from the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe, so feel free to get in touch if you would like to guest on the show. I will also try to add interviews I do live from the events and meetings I attend, roving-reporter style. The whole thing will be classed as an ‘early Alpha’ experiment for a while until we settle on a format that works. Assuming we do!

I am going to try and put the thing together myself, but if there are any keen podcasting type people out there who can lend their technical expertise (I’m really a words guy, not a sound guy), then get in touch and I’ll put that into the mix.

Meanwhile, here’s another Bunch. The Wild Bunch. A sort of visual representation of our house style.

  • http://blogs.msdn.com/stevecla01 steve clayton

    love to drop in for one or two Mike

  • http://voicesinbusiness.com Mike O'Hara

    Hey Mike, happy to lend podcasting expertise if you need it.

  • http://cubicgarden.com Ian Forrester

    Hey Mike when ever you need someone to talk about making things happen… give me a bell.

  • http://brendancooper.com Brendan

    Would really like to hear this. I assume there’s no RSS link available yet, it’s *that* new, right?

  • http://uk.techcrunch.com Mike Butcher

    Brendan – still sorting out hosting and stuff like RSS. Stay tuned ;-)

  • http://chrishambly.com Chris Hambly

    Sounds like fun.

    Happy to ethuse about the Social Media Mafia group and academic research activities we are engaged in.

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  • http://www.theengagingbrand.com Anna Farmery

    Great to see a show for the UK- and if you ever need a female perspective let me know.

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