SanDisk Takes Fanfare, TakeTV To the Deadpool

FanFare, SanDisk’s free, ad-supported content portal, has been shuttered along with their ill-fated TakeTV video solution. TakeTV was a little device that you plugged into your computer, filled up with media, and then carried to your TV. FanFare was supposed to supply exciting, free content for the player. Anyone who knows anything about the average consumer would tell you that making someone use SneakerNet to watch Iron Man bootlegs on their TV is a losing proposition.

From the original release:

The first U.S-based content partners on the Fanfare BETA platform include: CBS, Inc., Showtime Networks, Smithsonian Networks, The Weather Channel and TV Guide Broadband. Among the programs available immediately are CSI, Survivor China, Dexter and Sleeper Cell.

Poor FanFare. It never even made it out of beta.