Hey Twitter, Maybe It's Better Not To Share Absolutely Everything

Ok, I love the new, improved and more communicative Twitter as much as everyone else (even if their uptime woes continue to get worse). The fact that Twitter recently launched a status blog to communicate performance issues tells me they’re serious about acting more like a grown up startup.

But notifying us that they’ve “Lost a database” may be sharing too much. Or perhaps a different phrasing may be in order. I know what they mean – one of their three database machines has gone down and they are busy trying to rebuild it. At least that’s what I think it means. When it comes to Twitter, who knows. Maybe they literally lost a database and are busy looking for it.

In a year or so someone’s going to write a story comparing the way FriendFeed scaled to the way Twitter did it (or tried to). Not only does FriendFeed never go down (albeit they are still much smaller than Twitter), they continue to release new features regularly.

I don’t remember the last time Twitter released a new feature. Oh wait, I do. It was search. Except it never launched as promised.

Anyway, if anyone finds Twitter’s database, can you please return it? K Thanks.

(and thanks for the tip Robert)