ACTA anti-piracy treaty leaked: P2P 'threatens' lives


That New World Order-sounding anti-copyright infringement treaty that we mentioned a few days ago has been leaked. The proposal, at least. And yes, it looks just as frightening as the original reports made it out to be.

How does this grab you?

The consequences of such IPR [intellectual property infringement] include (1) depriving legitimate businesses and their workers of income; (2) discouraging innovation and creativity; (3) threatening consumer health and safety; (4) providing an easy source of revenue for organized crime; and (5) loss of tax revenue.

That last one is no surprise—what the tax man wants, the tax man gets. But “threatening” our health and safety? I fail to see how some kid downloading an MP3 off LimeWire endangers my life.

Make sure to read the full document. Pretty great stuff. Even better when you realize that Hollywood money is funding the politicians who want to enact the treaty.

Full Proposal [PDF]

via Boing Boing