2 new digital photo frames from Japan

Today Transcend Japan unveiled a new 7-inch digital photo frame [JP], which will hit Japanese shores in the middle of May. The T.photo 710C (219×28×156mm) will cost $170.

The frame accepts CF and SDHC/SD memory cards as well as memory sticks. The T.photo 710C is equipped with a USB port and 1 GB of internal memory.

The TFT screen has a resolution of 480×234. It can display JPEG, Bitmaps and features a slideshow function. The frame is also usable as a calendar, clock and alarm clock. Motion JPEG, MP3, WMA and WMV files are supported.

2 things stand out regarding the new photo frame Princeton Technology [JP] unveiled today: The unusual shape and the low price. The PPF-OVO is designed like an egg (61×61×81mm, 158g) and will set you back only $38.

The device features a USB port and 2 GB of internal memory. Its screen is just 1.5 inches wide (128×128 resolution) and can display JPEG and BMP files.