Unlike Us, CrunchGear Has Nothing Bad To Say About The Flip Mino


Unlike my scathing review of the Flip Mino yesterday, CrunchGear’s Doug Aamoth can’t find anything bad to say about it.

In fact, he has nothing to say about it at all. That’s because Flip never delivered a promised test Mino to him, either before or after the embargo. The company flooded the blogs and news outlets with them a week ago, and we’re hearing reports that club go’ers in Los Angeles (at least the good looking ones) are being handed them for free. Almost everyone who wants one has a Flip Mino, and most of these people have written glowing reviews that completely ignore the fact that the Mino competes with digital cameras, not camcorders. Did the fact that we’ve been harsh on the Flip in the past have something to do with this?

CrunchGear did receive a delivery from Flip that included the press release, an empty box and a return address form. But no Flip. In lieu of an actual review, Doug created the video above chronicling his frustration.