The New CrunchBar, Upcoming Conferences, and Thanks to TechCrunch Sponsors

The New CrunchBar

TechCrunch toolbar powered by Conduit

We are pleased to announce a new TechCrunch sponsor.

Conduit has deployed a new TechCrunch community toolbar (dubbed the “CrunchBar”) that includes:

  • A newsreader with RSS feeds for every TechCrunch network website to stay on top of our news no matter where it breaks
  • Direct access to TechCrunch podcasts (catch up with the Gillmor Gang, for example, now recorded daily Monday through Friday)
  • Flickr and YouTube gadgets with TechCrunch photos and videos (plus search and feeds of all Flickr and YouTube content)
  • Follow TechCrunch on Twitter and send tweets right from the CrunchBar
  • TechCrunch desktop alerts (get alerts when tickets are released for TechCrunch MeetUps, etc.)
  • Google web search and search for all of the TechCrunch network’s websites

In addition to these pre-defined tools, you can customize the CrunchBar to add local weather, favorite online radio stations, an email inbox notifier for all your accounts, and more in the future. The CrunchBar is a browser plug-in supported by Firefox and Internet Explorer. Try it out and you might never miss another TechCrunch breaking headline.

Upcoming Conferences

Check out these upcoming conferences:

OReilly’s Graphing Social Patterns, June 9-10 in Washington, DC. Use “gspe08tech” for a 15% registration discount. Thanks, OReilly, for giving away two free tickets to the conference to TechCrunch readers.

Supernova, June 16-18 in San Francisco, CA. TechCrunch readers automatically receive a $200 discount here. Come join TechCrunch as we co-host the Mobile Connections forum with Kevin Werbach Monday night at the conference.

OReilly’s Velocity Conference, June 23-24 in Burlingame, CA. Use “vel08tech” for a 15% registration discount.

TechCrunch Sponsors

Thanks also to our great group of sponsors who make reading TechCrunch possible.

Angelsoft, network to angel investors

Rackspace, hosting services

ScribeFire, Firefox extension for integrated blogging in your broswer

eBuddy, web-services meta instant messenger

BoonEx, community software

RaiseCapital, connecting entrepreneurs and investors online

MediaTemple, TechCrunch’s own hosting provider

Interested in becoming a TechCrunch sponsor? See details here or contact Heather Harde.