Third party Wii-mote only offers marginal savings


I think that $40 is too much for a Wii remote. There, I said it. So it’s been with great interest that I’ve kept an eye out for a replacement remote for the one I lost, hoping against hope that we’d all soon see some third party remotes start to pop up.

Well, there appear to be some coming from Germany. A company called Hama has some poorly-translated information about “Reemotes” which will sell for 35 Euro each. Standard Wii remotes cost about 40 Euro each, so the savings is negligible unless you really, really want a black one.

I’d really like to see something more around the $25 to $30 range some day. Is that too much to ask? Maybe with a rechargeable battery, too. No word on when these German ones will be released or if they’re ever coming here to the US. Maybe we’ll see remotes from other companies, though.

via NWFB