Samsung enters 15.6-inch 16:9 widescreen LCD market

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One of the best things the current MacBook Pro has going for it is the gorgeous 15.4-inch widescreen LED backlit display. The first displays at this size and resolution at all came out with the last generation Powerbooks, and people hailed the widescreen format. But those of us in the know have always been bugged that they’re not true 16:9, so movies always have a little bit of letterboxing going on.

Samsung knows that it bugs us, so it’s coming out with a new line of 15.6-inch displays at a full 16:9 aspect ration. We’re guessing these improve the 15.4-inch screens 1440×900 pixel count to a 1600×900 pixel count.

It’s an obvious upgrade, and a welcome one. We should start seeing these new panels in notebooks later this year, though no word on when — or if — Apple will pick them up, though it seems likely.