Joy Division Zune coming June 17

joy division zune

I won’t lie and say I know who Joy Division is, but the rock band from Manchester is getting their very own special edition Zune with an adaption of Peter Saville’s artwork for the Unknown Pleasures album on the backside of the black 80GB. Also included on the Zune is the aptly named documentary “Joy Division” that chronicles the life of the band. There are only 500 Joy Division Zunes being manufactured and you’ll have to shell out $399 to get yourself one from the Zune Originals site on June 17.

“Joy Division and Peter Saville share a story full of innovation,” Tom Atencio, producer of the Joy Division documentary, told “The band made history with their pioneering digital music. Peter Saville placed the music and the band in a visual context equally as innovative. It is completely in character for the film to be a debut Zune preload.”

“Zune’s involvement with the Joy Division documentary is a way of saying ‘Thank You’ to the band for doing what they did, and is not only a tribute to them but to an entire musical journey through Factory Records and the artists and movements it spawned,” Chris Stephenson, GM Global Marketing, Zune, told “It’s a tribute to deep respect for graphic design that lives on through artists like Peter Saville, and to independent film-makers that believe in more than just commercial success. Ultimately it’s a tribute to the self-belief and self-expression that inspires true authentic art.”