Jack Thompson could be disbarred because of courtoom hissy fit


Everyone’s favorite real life Lionel Hutz could find himself disbarred in the near future. Jack Thompson walked out of a Florida court room today, claiming that it was a sham hearing and that the presiding judge was “incompetent” and “arrogant.” (Sounds like him, too.) Since he walked out in a huff, the Florida bar asked for an “enhanced disbarment,” which would prevent Thompson from practicing law in the state for 10 years.

The best is his 4,500-word rant against the court: “Try to get me disbarred. Go ahead, do your worst, Referee Tunis. I will continue to do my best.” He claims to be “ahead of the curve,” fighting the good fight against the likes of GTA IV.

Thompson is a harmless blowhard. Sit back and enjoy his antics.